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Silvio Silvani – Italian neckwear – since 1998
The store where you can buy ties in Madrid

The history of Silvio Silvani in Madrid begins in 1998 with the opening of the first store in the Barrio Salamanca, dedicated exclusively to the sale of Italian natural silk ties.

The acceptance by the public is immediate: the high quality of the ties, the wide variety of designs and the highly competitive prices make Silvio Silvani one of the most popular tie shops in the Spanish capital in a very short time.

Over the years, Silvio Silvani has established itself in Madrid as a reference store for buying Italian ties, dress shirts, cufflinks and other men's fashion accessories.

Since the beginning, Silvio Silvani's commercial strategy has been to specialize in supply: we can say that today there is no other tie store that offers such an extensive variety of designs, models and colors in men's fashion accessories in all the national territory.

The specialization is applied to all the products of the Silvio Silvani store, so that, in addition to thousands of models of natural silk ties, the customer can find in our store more than 2000 models of cufflinks for shirts, hundreds of models of suspenders elastics, bow ties, pocket squares, dress shirts, leather belts and elastics, and many more men's fashion accessories.

Both to dress with elegance and distinction on a day-to-day basis, as well as for an event, a wedding or another ceremony, at Silvio Silvani you can find the perfect accessory for every occasion.

The manufacture of the ties, exclusively in natural silk, is carried out by hand in Italy with the highest quality fabrics, made by the most important manufacturers in the Lake Como area.

Come visit us at the newly opened premises on Calle Don Ramón de la Cruz, 47 in the Salamanca district of Madrid, it will be a pleasure to assist you and advise you.

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